Sree Teja

About Me

  • I design, build and deploy softwares.
  • Experienced in developing applications (mobile, desktop and web), backend servers, setting up and managing infrastructure.
  • I like to keep my keyboard screaming ⌨, code building 💪, tests working🧪 and, program running 🏃‍♂️.


AP Temple Management System

NestJs - React - MySQL

Lead Backend developer for the project.
Setup Monitoring and alerts of services with Grafana. Setup centralized logging using Grafana Loki.

Digital Notary and Document Sign

Ethereum Smart Contract - React - Node.Js

An Ethereum platform based Decentralized application.
Digital Document signature smart contract is used to protect the file identity i.e publicly verify signatures on a digital document without the need for a trusted third party member.

Student Companion

Firebase - Android Development

An firebase anrdoid application to be used by students and teachers which helps them seamlessly share notes, create events, check calander, collaborate with peers, send messages.

Medicine Track

Hyperledger Fabric - Node.js for Chaincode and Rest API

An Hyperledger fabric powered application to track and trace the medicine in the supply chain involving multiple organizations. Some of the main features are developing chaincode (bussiness logic), private data between organizations, running certificate authorites and setting up hyperledger explorer.

Crypto Exchange

Typescript (Nest.js) - PostgreSQL - Redis

A crypto exchange platform using node.js, powering users to instanly trade crypto coins.

Activity Tracker(Teamforce)

Typescript (Nest.js) - MongoDB

An electron based application to monitor the user activity like screenshots, active time, keyboard and mouse activity with node.js apis (written in typescript) to collect the data and then provide analytics to the employer.

Crypto Wallet Extenstion

Chrome Extension - React.Js

A Chrome extenstion to quickly get a glance of users profile, view transactions, transfer crypto currencies.

And many more...


Blockchain and backend Developer


Developing rest apis with the help of node.js and typescript, building blockchain trading system, developing chrome extenstions and electron apps.

Blockchain and backend developer

Activa Inc. Intern

Built supply chain management application using hyperledger fabric, a private blockchain framework.

Node.Js Developer

Smartraffi Intern

Built a scalable REST API using Node.js, express.js, SQL server and managed successfully to deploy to production in Microsoft azure.

Web Developer

DRDO Intern

Built a web application using oracleDB and JSP to ensure a secure system of temporary pass creation, validation and maintaining data of visitors for real-time & future reference.

Top Frameworks




Electron Js


Docker & Kubernetes



Hyperledger Fabric


AWS / Azure / Digital Ocean

Top Coding Skills

Node.js / Typescript






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